Anne Bonny, the Infamous Female Pirate

Dr. Tucker’s focus on shedding light upon historically crucial but long forgotten women is evocative in the number of literary masterpieces he has dedicated to such women. One of his most widely acclaimed books is his work on the real life story of Anne Bonny.

This book is a breath of fresh air. In a world full of books upon books on chivalrous men, the story of a woman who braved the seas in a time far too orthodox for her courageous ventures is a much needed change. This book traipses through the life and time of Ms. Bonny, a prolific female pirate who very closely escaped the gallows at the prime of her career. Dr. Tucker does an excellent job of narrating the experiences of Anne Bonny in an honest and unbiased manner. From her loots to her many random acts of kindness, there is no moral compass judging the long dead Bonny for her actions.

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