Dr. Tucker dedicated eight years of his life to his PhD degree. He completed it in 1990, graduating from the Saint Louis University. Dr. Tucker’s dedication to his profession has been unmatched. He has worked extensively on the Gettysburg Wars and the history of African American people. Tucker’s works have been widely celebrated on both, academic and non-academic fronts.

Working across multiple fields and composing books based on extensive primary research, his books are well grounded in facts and correctness. An advocate for unbiased reporting of events, Dr. Tucker is the author of more than sixty well-received and critically appraised books. He has dedicated most of his life to reading and writing up on American history. From the civil wars to the lost history of the African American enslaved populations, Dr. Tucker’s literary investments in the lives of disenfranchised persons has been very significant. He is committed to writing history that is consistent and a testament to the truth.

Having excelled in the field of American history throughout his academic pursuits, he also gained a very high reputation in his professional ventures. Serving the Washington, D. C. offices of the US Department of Defense, Dr. Tucker worked as a historian and writer for military bases and other government facilities affiliated with the Department of Defense for more than two decades.